Leather Skirt & Bubble Sweater

Photography by Sara Algubaa

Sweater / Skirt / Bag / Shoes / Bracelets / Necklace

Valentine’s Day is just around the corner and I wanted to share this gorgeous pink sweater I just got for the occasion. Bubble sleeves are starting to get reeeally popular, and this girl is the happiest about it! Give me any type of cool sleeves like bell, lace, bubble,… and I will be into it. 

The color is the first thing that caught my eye when I saw the sweater in the store – they have it in white too if this pink is a little too much for you. Bubblegum pink is such a warm tone, and goes perfectly with any skin tone. I absolutely love how it makes my eyes pop! When I bought it I wasn’t sure how I was going to wear it so my first instinct was to pair it with a skirt and initially I wanted to get the sweater over the hem and add a big belt. But this leather skirt is high waisted and looks amazing all on its own. Can you believe I have had this skirt for over two years now and can’t stop wearing it? Proof: here, here, and here. It was actually featured in one of the first blog posts I’ve ever done so yeah it has made it through multiple closet cleaning days!

I wore this bag in my last post, but this time I took away the strap and used it as a clutch for a more elegant and sophisticated look – and I can’t decide which way I like it more! 

I always try to show how to re-use and re-wear the pieces you invest in, whether it be a bag, or sweater, dress, jeans, shoes,… Many people (and the large majority of bloggers, unfortunately) will only wear their pieces once, and then have it stay in the closet for “that time I’ll want to wear it again” which we all know almost never comes. I’m a huge believer that you should always look for new ways to wear what you already have, which is why you will almost always find me with stuff you have already seen a dozen times. If Kate Middleton can do it and get away with it (and still look fabulous), we can all do it! 
In the spirit of full disclosure, of course I also have things that I wear only once or twice, sometimes because they are really “out there” or for something like a special event, or other times because I like them then just outgrow them. Totally normal and ok!
Being a blogger, I get a lot of comments from people who assume we are gifted all these great pieces and wear them once then forget about them, but I promise you can count on me to always mention when I absolutely love a piece and wear it multiple times! Like this skirt! And bag! Oh and the shoes too (I’ve worn them countless times and they have made the trip with me to Europe and back to Canada). 🙂
And PS: this sweater and this skirt were not gifted to me by any brand, I got them myself because I love them and want to share them with you!

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