Ottawa Life Magazine x Marie’s Bazaar

Photography by Valerie Keeler

A few months ago I had the chance to shoot for the Ottawa Life Magazine, which is a well-known magazine in the capital. I obviously jumped on the occasion, and spent the entire day surrounded by gorgeous fashion bloggers and influencers, at the Andaz hotel overlooking the city! 

The magazine came out last week, and I could NOT be more excited/proud/honoured at how it turned out. That day was such a fun experience, if you told me 2 years ago (or even 6 months ago!) that I would spend a whole Saturday being taken care off, photographed, interviewed, and handed out personalized cocktails I would have laughed and turned away!

Blogging has opened so many doors for me since I started, and allowed me to meet so many people who share the same passion and excitement I do over fashion and life in general. It can be hard sometimes, the pressure is there, but being around women who deal with the same issues AND rewards is so inspiring! Supporting each other is such an important thing to do, and without getting into politics, women empowering other women and lifting each other up is more important now than ever. I am so proud to be in this community and be able to be myself thanks so the help of so many people – and in this case in particular Alexandra Gunn who is the editor of the article, who included me in this issue, and who is the sweetest person ever!

If you have a minute, click on the link below to see my full interview with them, as well as a video of behind the scene moments (and me rambling on) by Hour Media.

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Love you all, thank you for allowing me to do this – I cannot believe this gets to be my life!

Full interview: right HERE

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