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Murad Body Firming Cream (c/o) / Murad Firm & Tone Serum (c/o) / Murad Rapid Collagen Lip Infusion (c/o)

You know when they say you should moisturize every day to reduce the effects of aging – even when you are in your 20s? Yeah I didn’t do that, and I am now 26 and can already see my body acting differently than it did 5 years ago! I am not joking when I tell you that it actually took me DAYS to recover from my latest hungover over the holidays (granted I almost never drink so when I do it has a tendency to affect me… a lot). Not even mentioning the occasional grey hair I find, or the fact that I am now the happiest about spending an evening on the couch… 

So when Murad Canada and I decided to work together for a review, I immediately jumped on the occasion to give my body a much needed boost – and get some firming cream for my legs! I haven’t been working out as much as I would like to, and after all the holiday extravaganza I need some help getting into shape for the hot summer months (in 4 months! That’s not a lot of time). This cream and serum combo not only smells amazing, but works like magic! It’s only been a couple of weeks and my legs look more summer-ready than they have in months! I liked it so much I actually got them for my mom too (she really doesn’t need it tho…)

I also got myself a collagen lip treatment because this winter cold is DRY you guys! Plus, there’s nothing like full, voluminous, kissable lips – and this is the product you need for that (unless you’d rather spend $$$ at the dermatologist’s office to get fillers… no thank you). The best part is that you can layer it underneath your lipstick so it actually stays on all day! AND it is super affordable, so score all over.

Thank you Murad Canada and Shopping Links for kindly sponsoring this post. All opinions are my own.

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  • Oksana

    You are too cute!

  • Jenny

    This sounds awesome! I have heard great things about this brand.

  • Katie

    I’ve heard some great things about Murad, especially for acne scarring! Have to try this line.

  • Greta Hollar

    I’m 27 and just started using night cream to prevent aging. It’s crazy how fast grey hair pops up! I love Murad products!

    Greta |

  • Rachel Ritlop

    Oh this sound nice! I like murad products! you look so pretty!

    Rachel | The Confused Millennial

  • Jordyn

    Skincare is so important and really does start from the inside out. Alcohol really stresses my skin if I have too much and without moisturizing I’m a flaky lizard!

  • nicole leigh

    I’ve always been curious about murad products, so I loved reading your feedback! definitely watch to check out the lip treatment. x, nicole //

  • Bella

    You are legit the cutest person ever!!! I actually haven’t heard of this stuff before I should check it out.

  • Tori

    So interesting! I’ve never heard of these products before, I’ll definitely have to do more research!


  • Kirsten

    You are so cute! I love the color of that silk robe and that product sounds amazing! I’ve never heard of it before, but I may give it a try now

  • Amanda @ A Good Hue

    I’ve used a few Murad products in the past and they’ve always worked well. I’m super curious about the lip treatment– does it really plump up your lips? I’d love to know your results with it!

  • Kayla

    The lip treatment sounds awesome! My lips are so dry and gross over the winter, they need some serious rejuvenation!

    Kayla |

  • Alex

    I love Murad skincare products!