Bloopers 2017: Spring!

Clearly if you are reading this post you want to laugh at my expense – and I am totally fine with it! If you’ve not see the bloopers post I did at the end of 2016 you can find it here, but basically what this is about is just a round up of the funniest photos that didn’t make it to blog posts (for obvious reasons!). I am either in the middle of a word (I talk… a lot), no-so-patiently waiting, dealing with wardrobe malfunctions in very delicate ways, or even falling down, so hopefully I get to draw a smile on your face at least once before the end of the article!

This is one of my favorite kind of posts to share, just because I get to show you more of the “real” me and less of the “blogger” me, if that makes sense?! I am (I think) a very down to earth person, and always want to make sure that you guys realize social media and blogs only showcase the BEST of a situation! More often than not we – as in us bloggers – end up with most of the photos looking like these!

Hope you guys enjoy, and please remember to take life not too seriously 🙂

Photo credit: Sara Algubaa
Photo credit: On Closet Nine



  • Emily Gustafson

    These are great! You still look stunning in your bloopers!

    • Marie

      Aw thank you babe! I guess I kept the really bad ones to myself hahaha

  • Amira M

    Hahaha I love this post! I gotta be the blooper whisperer😂😂 Quick hands of the lens! Can’t wait for the summer edition!

    • Marie

      OMG hahaha the one at the spa I look like I am about to cry!