Retro vibes in your summer wardrobe

I am not a huge retro lover, but I have to admit that when I saw this dress it made me think of the classic, feminine 60s style and I LOVE it! The straight and short cute of the dress, the modest neckline, and the back details… I mean have you seen the back?? If you haven’t yet, scroll down NOW (I’m not being bossy, hum hum)!
The navy color is unfortunately sold out – but I found it in a stripe print and I think I love it even more I kind of regret that one wasn’t in stock when I ordered mine.

But I guess I need to focus on the positive, which meant I got to wear these statement shoes (since the dress is plain) and I cannot begin to express how much I am in love with them. So much that I have already worn them 3 times, all of which will be documented on the blog (because duh). These are actually my first “expensive” shoe purchase! Being a blogger I am gifted shoes by brands, but these came home from the store after I burned my wallet there, and I am not regretting it for a second. PLUS, they are currently 40% off!!! If you have noticed in the past, I love a low heel and I love pink. So clearly these were made for me! They are also available in black and in pale blush (and 30% off!!!)

Last thing, I got this bag at Zara a few weeks ago and sadly it is completely sold out! I am linking a few similar ones for you here, here, and here, and I will keep an eye out if/when it gets restocked!

Photography by Michelle Kehoe