How to pair black & white and keep it young

I love my dresses but sometimes they just aren’t practical, which is when the perfect white eyelet top and most comfortable black trousers come to play. For so long I was not a fan of the basic black and white outfits, but my mind is slowing changing and I have to admit it is growing on me! The pairing has always seemed a bit dated and old-fashioned, but like everything you need to find the pieces that work for you and suit your style. For me, I love being comfortable and casual but with a touch of femininity and class – which is why I absolutely adore these pants. I wore them multiple times in the past few months, and they are not on their way out yet! They are under $80 and fit true to size, and if you are like me you might want to roll them in on the inside to make them more cropped.

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This eyelet top looked cute online when I ordered it, but I wasn’t sure I was going to love it when it arrived (always that fear of getting something white and too see-through), but you girls will need to trust me when I say it looks a HUNDRED times better in person! It is so light but not at all transparent, the details are just precious and the ruffle sleeves on the shoulders are to die for. I found it on sale for 25% off right here (making it less than $50!).

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Photo credit: On Closet Nine



  • Elle

    Love your style. Everything is so on point. Quick style question, what’s your take on anklets and how and when to wear them?

    • Marie

      Hi Elle! Thank you so much!! I love anklets and actually have worn one a couple times on the blog!! I think if you can find a delicate one you can wear it anytime, and if you are more into statement ones then definitely wear them at the beach or festival or things like that! XO