What to wear to your next event this summer: #3

So, what started as a way to connect two posts together under the name “What to wear to your next event this summer” is now turning into a series, because you guys I have a TON of outfits that are perfect for anything you have planned this summer! Including this dress, which is exactly the same as the one I wore here – and I think I am in love with this berry color. Both dresses are gorgeous and unique in their own ways, which is why I thought getting them both wasn’t going to be a big deal! 

I’ve just realized it is now 25% off – doesn’t that ALWAYS happen when you’ve already gotten your item? – making it less than $40 and is still available in 4 colors! I recommend to size down for this one, especially if you are like me and don’t have “big girls”. Speaking of the girls, I am wearing what I call my sticky boobs, which I swear by every year in summer. I’ve also just bought these pasties to wear with a jumpsuit that is low cut in the front. 🙂

Here is the dress in all the different colors available, in the exact same style, all 25% off:

PS: my bag is a dupe for the ultra-famous Chloe Faye bag, for (are you ready for this) $24!!! 

Photo credit: On Closet Nine