How to stay fit when you hate the gym

Sharing a bit of a different type of posts today. I’ve been getting questions pretty regularly about what I do/eat to stay healthy – especially since I hate working out! Sooo I figured I would let you guys in and tell you what a typical day in my kitchen looks like (and how I manage to stay somewhat fit even tho I haven’t stepped foot in a gym since January… #noshame #okalittlebitofshame).

First up, ze food. I am someone who will be thinking about what my next meal will be while eating my current meal = in other words I live for food. I don’t even know what planets people who “skip dinner” come from, and have no interest in visiting their weird land. Food is life! 
So, when I wake up in the morning I usually have two options. One of them is granola cereal with almond milk (been trying to cut out dairy food as much as I could without driving myself insane) BUT that did not photograph well! Instead I am sharing with you my other option – which has been my current favorite over the past week. Super easy, I scramble 2 eggs, grill some turkey bacon, slice half an avocado, and add half a slice of naan bread (which I did put in the oven for about 7-8 mins). Ta-daaa! Might not seem like much, but add some fruits to the side and a cup of tea of coffee and I promise you’ll feel full.

For lunch, I prefer to eat light so salads are usually my go-to. The one I made below took me less than 5 minutes to make and tasted SO GOOD! Wash and cut some lettuce, cucumber, avocado, pineapple, add some fresh shrimps, and squeeze lemon juice all over. I love to add a teaspoon of 1% sour cream to the lemon juice and use it as a dressing, it just adds a little extra (and who doesn’t love sour cream?!).

Finally, dinner AKA my favorite moment of the day. I made this peach strawberry chicken a few days ago when I had a friend (see her blog here) over for dinner, and it was legit gone in less than 10 mins. You might be thinking “ok another salad, are you a rabbit?” but it is summer and no one wants to feel crazy full or bloated so salad it is – at least until I can’t resist ordering a pizza any longer!
Here’s how to do it: cook two chicken breasts, and once they are done add a tablespoon of maple syrup to the pan – let it cool down and allow the chicken to absorb the syrup. Wash and slice a fresh peach and a whole bunch of strawberries, and add them over some cut lettuce. I love to add some sliced onions and walnuts too for some crunch! For the dressing, I mixed together some lemon, honey and mustard and drizzled all over. SO YUMMY!!!

I’d be lying if I said I didn’t sneak in a bit of chocolate after (or sometimes one – or two – cookies), and I definitely indulge in fruits whenever I am hungry during the day – but I’ve been trying to hold myself from eating once it gets dark. That seems to have such a positive affect on my body, I digest food much better and have even seen a difference in the quality of my sleep! 

Now for the fitness side of things. I am not a gym rat, and I hate running outside. So basically I either have to force myself to get to a yoga class, or – and this is the good part – I do the 7 minute workout app! If you guys haven’t heard about it before, you are definitely missing out!! Long story short, you download the app (reeeally Marie) and it will make you do a series of about 14 exercises which will each last for 30 seconds. You get 10 secs between each exercise to catch your breath, but the whole point of the app is to get you moving and sweating in as little time as possible – and trust me you WILL sweat. I usually will do the circuit twice in a row, and can feel my muscles protesting the next day! I believe it is available on both Android and Apple phones, so seriously you guys… no excuse.

Photo credit: Mash Elle



  • Emily Gustafson

    Love this post! You look gorgeous! I’ll have to download that app now – no excuses! 💕

    • Marie

      Thanks so much babe! Let me know how you like the app!! XO

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