Smocked off-shoulder top and favorite trousers

100% honesty: I stole this top from Michelle. Well, she gave it to me after I gave her one of my dresses. Ah the pleasures of having a blogger friend who wears approx. the same clothing and shoe size as you!!

I wasn’t sure how it would photograph, because some things can look awfully cute one but just not look good in photos, and am glad to inform you all: it photographs well!! I absolutely LOVE it, you wouldn’t believe how light it is and how comfortable – you can actually move your arms, not like with many off-shoulder tops. You know that feeling of bending down and being worried you’re actually flashing everyone around you? Doesn’t exist with this top! 

I wore it with simple black trousers (my trustee ones I keep wearing) and these kitten heels I got at the Zara sale for THIRTEEN dollars! They are half a size too tight, but for that price I am willing to suffer until they stretch out 🙂

Photo credit: Mash Elle