What you need to know about microblading your eyebrows

Finally something related to beauty! I was starting to feel like I was ignoring that category in my menu… Clearly I am not the best at hair and makeup.

This post is a long-time coming, since the whole process started at the end of April. The reason I waited so long to share it with all you guys is because I wanted my eyebrows to fully heal and get used to their new situation, before talking to you about my experience.
In April, I got my first session of eyebrow tattooing – commonly known as microblading. Well, actually, the first time I got them nanobladed instead of microbladed. You might not know the difference (I didn’t), but in big words nanoblading uses a needle while microblading uses a blade to inject the ink into your skin. Supposedly, nanoblading is more precise and fades less and allows the artist to create the appearance of thin hair strokes, versus thicker strands that would come from a blade.

Getting both eyebrows done for the first time will definitely take up your afternoon, if I remember correctly mine took about 3h30 from start to finish. I am a big chicken, so the process was a bit painful – not gonna lie. I came home and could feel my pulse in my eyebrows (that sounds so funny)! I’d say the worst comes after, since you’re not allowed to wash your entire face for days while the skin heals, and as you might know when skin heals it ITCHES!!! The self control you have to have to avoid itching when that’s all you can think of is basically torture! 

After 6-8 weeks, it is time for the second appointment – the touch up. When your brows heal, some of the ink gets rejected and you can be left with empty patches (which is basically the opposite of why you did this in the first place). In my case, I was really surprised by how much they had faded, and sad to see I still had to fill them in with makeup. DO NOT WORRY: the touch ups are there for a reason, and this time around my sweet artist Sabria used microblading on my brows – hence the photo with the plastic wrap on my face! Microblading is more painful than nanoblading, and requires the application of numbing cream for about an hour before the procedure. THANK GOD FOR THE NUMBING CREAM!! I felt absolutely nothing while she was using a blade on my face, I even asked her if she has already started or was just pin-pointing her work! 
That session was much shorter, about 1h30 including numbing time, and definitely less painful. Same process when you go home, no washing and no touching for a couple of weeks – but the results are SO worth it!

In all the photos below (taken 2 weeks ago at the end of June) I am NOT wearing any eyebrow makeup, NOT filling in any gaps, NOT thickening them in any way! When I stare at them in the mirror I can actually see the hair strokes she tattooed on my brows, they look so natural no one could guess I actually have ink in them! I love bushy, statement brows and this was exactly the outcome I was hoping for. 

If you are in the Ottawa region and thinking of getting your brows tattooed semi-permanently (it only lasts for a couple of years, so no long-term commitment!), please contact Sabria at Brows And Beyond – she is the sweetest, most gentle eyebrow artist AND she also does lash lifts! Talk about “I woke up like this”!

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Photo credit: Mash Elle