How to style a bright floral tee

When I saw this top online I was half intrigued and half scared of it. Don’t laugh at me, I love to play it safe most of the time when it comes to my wardrobe, but I’ve been trying to push my envelope – and this top was what I needed.

At first glance it doesn’t look like much except a pretty contrast top with a fun bright print on it. But once you turn to the side, you realize THERE’S NO SIDE! Bam, gone! See what I mean by I was terrified of it?? 
I LOVE the bow details on the sides to tie in the front and the back, and I love how unexpected and interesting it makes this top. PLUS it is on sale for 50% off right now and also comes in a sweet pink with blue details.

To style a bright and eye-catching top like this, I always want to stay on the simple side with everything else I am wearing. These high-waisted black denims are some one my all time favorite ones (worn here, here and here), and are perfect to keep everything in place. 
I just got these shoes last week and as you probably guessed it: I am in love. Kitten heels are my guilty pleasure, everyone hates them but I love them and can’t get enough! These are actually a dupe for the $825 ones by The Row, for ONLY $28! Say whaaaaatttt!

Photo credit: On Closet Nine