Where to go on vacation in Quebec, Canada: l’Esterel Resort

Hello beautiful people! I hope everyone is having a lovely week and get to enjoy your summer – I can’t believe we are almost half way through it already! In case you have not been able to go on vacation yet (or have and need a new one asap), I am sharing with you my thoughts on l’Esterel Resort in Quebec, Canada! I got the chance to spend a few days there last month with Michelle (see her blog post here) and we absolutely LOVED it! No clue what we were in for when we drove, since it is basically in the middle of nowhere, but the moment you arrive you understand why: the peace and quiet is AH-MAZING. I love living in a bigger city, but it is never really quiet you know? The resort is located on a lake – no joke, we literally had our feet in the water as soon as we stepped out of our patio (you can tell on one of the photos below my jeans are wet from just running into the lake!), and little birds and squirrels kept coming and running around on the outdoor furniture!

Something super important when you go on a trip is whether or not the food is going to be good. To me at least, I always look forward to eating things I don’t normally get to have at home, and in this case I had heard the best things about all the seafood they serve at the resort. Lemme tell ya: it is worth the trip JUST for the food!!! I tried their massive shrimps (literally the size of my fist) and they tasted so fresh and delicious, the crab cakes were hands down the best I’ve ever had, and their mushroom pasta gets me hungry as I type this – even tho I just had lunch!

The second day we were there, we got to go paddleboarding and canoeing on the lake. I’ll be honest and say I am not a big outdoor type-girl, so I had never paddleboarded before and was slightly terrified of how things were going to go. I had my phone in a ziplock bag, and was just expecting to fall down at some point – which I am happy to say did NOT happen!! Call it beginner’s luck, or just I had a hidden talent or whatever, but it was sooo much fun, so relaxing, and seriously the best arm workout I’ve done in a long time (if you’ve seen my previous post about how I stay healthy, you know I hate working out but this is something I could get used to… now if only I could find a place to do that where I live!).

The views at the resort are absolutely breathtaking, the staff is so sweet and helpful, and we were lucky to be there in the middle of the week so it wasn’t too busy. We had almost the entire spa (6 pools!) to ourselves, and when we were on the lake no one was around, so hashtag BLESSED!

Thanks so much to l’Esterel Resort for kindly hosting us and sponsoring this post!

All opinions are my own, photo credit: myself & Mash Elle.