How to wear wide-leg cropped culottes

Bonjour lovelies! It feels like so long since the last time I sat down and wrote a post – so much has happened in the last, what, three weeks?! Where has time GONE?! It feels like I have barely put away my winter clothes, and everyone is already gearing up for fall. I seriously need to pack my *** and move to a place where I do NOT need to have 3 parkas and just as many pairs of winter boots. You feel me?

So lemme catch you up on – well basically – July. It was my birthday on the 24th, woop woop! This year I got to spend the day in Tenerife with my love, sipped on cocktails way before the clock hit noon and got slightly sunburned at the beach – all in all I wouldn’t change a thing. We travelled all through Europe – my hood – for a good 2 1/2 weeks, and ate our weight in churros (multiple times over). All this will be recapped in several blog posts coming soon, still trying to decide if I should write only one and give you the overload of information at once, or spread it out and talk more in depth. We shall see.

The rest of month was spent working on some fun projects, like the annual Nordtrom sale – which is ending today! There is still time to shop (it ends at midnight) and order what you will need this upcoming season. If you need some very last minute ideas, you can see my picks here.

Before I bore you too much, let me quickly tell you that the culottes I am wearing – yes they are actually pants! – are from Nordstrom as well (although not part of the sale) but retail for under $50! I couldn’t resist, and SO wish I had them for Europe. I am thinking of showing you how I would style them for fall in another post later on, and possibly start a series with my favorite picks from this summer and how you can bring them with you into the slightly colder months.

My shoes – oh my shoes you guys. I LOVE THEM. They are dupes for the Manolo Blahnik ones (over $700) from Zara, but they are sold out ahh. I did find the same pair from another retailer in black, but would recommend you to hit your local store and see if they might still have a pair lying around in the back – you never know.

Photo credit: Mash Elle