Most flattering pair of shorts to end summer (on sale!)

Summer ain’t over til it’s over – and please let that be never! I am definitely NOT ready to pack up my summer clothes and switch them for parkas and gloves 🙁 

I found these shorts before hitting Europe last month and cannot BELIEVE I FORGOT THEM AT HOME!!! Aaah I was so mad at myself when I unpacked over there and realized they weren’t with me – how perfect would they have been on vacation?! The best part is that they are still in stock and on sale for under $20!! I love love love them because do you know how hard it is to find white shorts that aren’t see through?! Plus, this high waist is so flattering and comfortable, and the length is great if you don’t want to expose your derriere (which I don’t). They size big, so don’t be afraid to take one size down.

Michelle and I took these photos and we had been fighting with the sun to try and get some shade, but ended up embracing it and I love how bright and happy the photos turned out! But exactly 5 minutes after we finished I got stung by some kind of insect on my leg, and have been itching myself for days… Country life I guess!

PS: I love this top,  but it is VERY tight on, so either size up or forget your bra! Score for us with smaller ladies 🙂
PPS: I told you I love these shoes 🙂 And they are on sale, also available here! I’ve been obsessing over espadrilles all summer.

Photo credit: Mash Elle


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