Pink you’ll want to wear this fall + shopping tips

Probably one of my favorite looks this summer – and perfect to transition into fall!

I fell in LOVE with this jacket when I saw it in Zara in Barcelona (now sold out 🙁 ), and even though my luggage was already overweight there was no way I would let this one slip past me. It reminded me of those Balmain blazers that cost a small fortune, you know the ones I am talking about? Like this one… #nothappening. There are things you need to splurge on in life, but a $2,000 blazer isn’t one especially when you can get a similar one for less than 10%, am I right?

When I posted a photo of these jeans on Instagram, a lot of you commented on them saying how amazing they were – which I agree of course – but the best part is that they size big so you get to take a size down! Don’t you love when that happens? First of all they are super affordable (talking less than $60), but they are incredibly comfortable and light – and that ankle edge elongates your legs! Talk about a winning wardrobe piece 🙂

One more thing. I bought these shoes as a pre-birthday-gift to myself at the end of June, and wasn’t sure if they were worth the investment. I actually saw them in store, and then left without getting them – telling myself that if I still thought about them in a few days I would go back. Obviously I went back! They were my first pair of Kate Spade‘s, and to be honest they were slightly above my price point – but I just loved them and figured I would make the cost-per-wear worth it. Turns out it is my FAVORITE purchase all season, I wear them with everything from skirts to dresses to jeans, and each time I put them on I seem to love them even more!

So here are 2 of my shopping tips:

1. If there is something (anything) that would cost more than what you’d normally pay – walk away. If you still think about it in a week, then it is meant to be! I cannot tell you the amount of things I thought I wanted and forgot about once I left the store. 🙂 

2. When I tried on this jacket in store, the shoulders hit lower than they do now – and that’s because I brought it to my tailor and asked them to bring them up! If an item doesn’t exactly fit like the way you want it to, that doesn’t mean you should dismiss it right away. Bring it to someone you trust with a needle, and ask them what they can do about it, especially if it is something that you know you love and want to wear!




  • Briana

    I need those jeans, and that jacket could not be cuter!


    • Marie

      Thanks so much doll! These jeans are amazing!