All-black sophistication in Montreal

Oh, Montreal… You beautiful city. Last week I got invited to an event in the gorgeous city in Quebec, which of course inspired me for this (slightly) French look!

You might have noticed this about me, but I wear minimal makeup and accessories. I love the “clean” look, and love to let me clothes do the talking for me – and in this case this off-shoulder black top. Not sure if you remember, but I posted an almost identical one a few weeks ago (right here) and when I saw this black version I had basically no choice since it was screaming my name. 

All-black outfits often express confidence and sophistication, which is exactly what you feel when strolling down the Montreal streets. Plus, I could NOT think of a better outfit to show off my hair – done by the Marc Anthony ladies at the event the day before. As much as I am used to curling them myself, there’s no way I am talented enough to make them hold and look like this… So you know, I had to document it.

More black off shoulder tops to give you that boost of self-love right here.

Photo credit: Mash Elle