Come with me to Tenerife & Barcelona, Spain

Hola amigos! Bienvenido a España

Ok, I wish. There is little I wouldn’t give up to be back in beautiful Spain – especially since the weather here has already started to decline and Fall is very much in the air (sad face).

Here’s the last part to our amazing Europe vacation last month, finishing in both Tenerife and Barcelona. If you ask me, my ideal idea of vacation is lying by a beach, cocktail(s) in hand, not moving for 6+ hours. This year, as you might have realized, was clearly not as relaxing – so we decided to include a week to an all-inclusive resort in the Canary Islands in between our whirlwind tour of Europe. 

We headed to the San Blas Nature Resort and Spa in Tenerife (recommended by one of my best friends) and it couldn’t have been more perfect. Except the wind. You know how they say when you are on an island it can get windy? Turns out it isn’t just a lie told by locals to keep tourists away! It did get incredibly windy (think umbrellas taking off and landing in the pool) but I guess that is part of the fun 🙂

The resort was stunning and the food (you guys THE FOOD!!!!) was pretty much out of this world. Having been to a few all-inclusive resorts in the past, you start expecting the food to be good but nothing extraordinary – but this resort was by far the one with the tastiest buffet. To say I gained a few pounds is an undestatement… Back to healthy food I go…

When staying at a resort, we like to spend one day doing something special (our motto in life is to create as many memories we can). For example in Dominican Republic we spent the day on a catamaran and swam on a private island. In Mexico we went through the jungle on an ATV and jumped in cenotes. So this time, we spent a few hours on a boat, on the hunt for dolphins and whales (we did see some!) then enjoyed the turquoise water in a secluded bay. Needless to say I slightly burned that day – ha – but it was just as magical and beautiful as you can imagine! 

The next few photos were taken on July 24th, or as I like to call it: my favorite day of the year (my birthday)! We left the resort and headed for the main city on the island called Las Americanas. The colors and vibrancy of the city suprised me in the best way (being used to Ottawa’s pretty boring streets) and I ended up taking way too many photos. Can you blame me, when you walk under an umbrella cloud?!

PS: if you ever find yourself in Tenerife, go to the Papaguyo bar restaurant. That is where we went to celebrate my 27th year, and the food was amazing. But the best part was the vibe and the music! At 11pm every day, the restaurant turns into a live music bar, with lights and everything you’d expect when on vacation, plus it is right on the beach so you can go get some fresh air then head back in and sweat those dinner calories!

When our week at the resort ended, we headed for a few final days in Barcelona. Now, I have had the chance to grow up in Europe and see a lot of beautiful cities in my life, but this was my first time there – and now it is HIGH on my list of favorite places in the world! The vibes of the city are like no others, people are absolutely charming, and every corner is picture-perfect! 

We of course had to visit the touristic places like La Segrada Familia, which, I will be honest, scared me when I looked it up online. It is way more beautiful in person, incredibly impressive, and much MUCH bigger than expected!

The thing we loved doing in Barcelona was the City Tour bus. You HAVE to do them if you visit, since they are (pretty) cheap, and allow you to hop on and off all day anywhere on the itinerary! The traffic is brutal, and the streets are crowded, so having this alternate way of transportation was just what we needed, and allowed us to see sites we might not have otherwise.

We had planned on visiting the Guell Park (which everyone recommends when going to Barca) but we didn’t know you have to get tickets in advance to enter the park! So IF YOU ARE GOING TO BARCELONA: please please please think of getting them days before you want to go, or you’ll end up like us (aka stuck outside the gates).

Luckily, the city has so much more to offer if you like architecture, since Gaudi basically appears at every street corner. You can see below photos of his famous facades in downtown Barcelona, and the house he actually lived in while working on his projects (the photo I am standing in front of the pink house).

A couple more things before I let you go. 1: If you have time, go see a Flamenco show! We went on our last night in Europe, and had the best time! The music makes you want to stand up and dance with them, but you’ll basically be knocked down by the performance of the dancers. Not sure how they manage to get up and walk the next day…

And 2: If you have time, climb up the mount on the outside of the Guell park. You don’t need to have access to the restricted park (the one you need tickets for) to hike that side, and at the top you get the most BREATHTAKING view of Barcelona! I think this is one of my favorite photos of our whole trip, so it was fitting that I finish with it 🙂

Hope you guys enjoyed travelling along!!