Back to school: pair leather and off-shoulder

I might be in complete denial over the end of summer, but the truth is tomorrow is the first day of September, and I KIND OF need to wrap my head around it… It is back to school time, and even tho I am no longer at that stage of my life, that doesn’t mean I am going to pass on an opportunity to get my nerdy-chic on. 

When I was in school, I was never the ‘fashion’ girl. I was much happier in sweatshirts, jeans, and sneakers (no makeup and no hairbrush ever touched me either…), so I kind of missed out on that whole back-to-school thing, which is why when I saw this sweater (similar here) in store I thought if I had to go to school on Monday I’d wear this! Casual and comfortable (we all know school is tough, so might as well try and bring the easy ourselves), and half way between summer and fall is the perfect way to start the school year. 

Like I said earlier, you could have made a pretty safe bet that you’d find me in jeans (often too big for me) when I was a student, so as much as I love my denim I feel like leather leggings are just so much more fun – no need to mention they give you that badass/boss lady attitude you CRAVE when starting school! 

PS: I unfortunately couldn’t find my reading glasses online for you guys, but they are by Alain Mikli – if you are in Ottawa I got these at Merivale Vision Care. I don’t wear them nearly enough, but thought they would be perfect to share if you are on the hunt for classic glasses with a twist! Rest assured EVERYONE will be wanting them when you put them on.

PPS: I’ve shared this bag before, but in case you’re new around here (or just need a little refresher), I got this exact one at Zara months ago. It is a dupe for the Stella McCartney one that costs more than a down-payment on a car, but for a fraction of the price – and is the PERFECT size to carry everything you need for school/work/life in general! I’ve linked a few identical ones in the widget just above, but you can find other (simpler) ones right here. 🙂

Photo credit: Mash Elle