A day at the Nordik Spa

A few days ago, Michelle from Mash-elle.com and I were lucky enough to get hosted by the Nordik Spa for a day of entire relaxation and pampering – which we both desperately needed! It was her first time at the spa in Chelsea (which BTW is the largest spa in North America!!) but I have been there enough in the past years to know my way around blindfolded. Tho I have to say they have grown immensely since the last time I went it was almost like I had never been myself!

From the personalized massages we both got in their outdoor cabins to the incredibly sweet service we got all day long, the Nordik has exceeded my personal expectations far beyond what I originally thought the day would be like! I apologize (not really) for the amount of food photos you are about to see, but we did spend over 14h there so you can guess that we ate our little hearts out….. and that it included cheesecake! 

Some of the photos below are credited to the Nordik – Photolux, simply because we went on a warm day and as you can imagine it was busy! I hate bothering people by taking photos where they can be seen, so I just chose to keep my phone away most of the day (and you know… to unplug and relax and all).

If you live in the Ottawa-Gatineau region or come to visit, you have to put aside an entire day at the spa EVEN in winter! I have been there in every season, and winter is just magical with the snow around while you are in a hot tub – just think of bringing a hat for your head because it gets cold!

PS: do not forget flip-flops because it can get cold on the ground. 
PPS: as we learned from experience, do NOT spray tan before getting a massage because the oil will break the lotion and you will spend the whole day with an orange robe!


A sweet thank you to the team at the Nordik Spa for allowing us to have the best girls day!