How to style different shades of pink together

I feel like it is early to say this, since technically Fall hasn’t started yet, but I think this might be one of my favorite looks this season!

Obviously, I love pink like the next girl, but I never really thought of combining a bunch of different tones together. It always seems scary, like when you think of combining different prints together or different textures. I just opened my closet and stared at my clothes, and figured… why not? 
I might be biased, but I do think I love how it turned out! Combining different shades works when you stay within the same color family, in this case pinks and blushes. Just like combining different textures together! The same rule applies: simply stay within the family, and then feel free to mix and match any kind of fabrics you like – in this case knit, silk, and woven.
On their own or paired together, each piece stands out and makes a statement on its own. For example, I’ve worn this tank top (super similar on sale here) over and over again since this spring (see here and here), and every time it pulls the outfit together without overshadowing it. Same for these shoes, which I have also worn a ton over the past year (here and here for instance). I absolutely love them, they are so comfortable, and match any outfit – wether it be a skirt, a dress, or pants! They add the perfect touch of fun and unexpected style, but don’t steal the show! Oh, and FYI I found almost identical ones on sale for 50% which brings them to less than $30! 

I’ve worn this work-ready style of pants a lot recently, I am actually finding myself stepping away from the “regular” skinny jeans. The fit and shape is flattering on any figure, and gives you that feeling of being powerful and unstoppable! I wore almost identical ones in bright royal blue a few weeks ago (total coincidence since they don’t even come from the same brand!), and judging from the reaction I got for those, I am tempted to say most of you’ll agree with me for these ones too! And PS: they don’t wrinkle, so you know… score!

Photo credit: Mash Elle


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  • Taylor Hayes- Wifey Diaries

    Hi Maria!
    I actually just came across your blog from Pinterest and I LOVE your style! I read your bio on Pinterest and we sound like the same girl haha! Anyway, I LOVE this outfit, the neutral colors go for any occasion or season! And those sunnies look fab on you!