What to wear in the last weeks of summer

Lightning up the mood after Monday’s more serious post (if you haven’t read it, take a look and let me know your thoughts!) with this summer/fall-ready outfit I wore in Montreal a few weeks ago.

I finally got on the bandwagon for fall, but mother nature seemed to have something else in mind and is giving us another week of full-on summer, which means I am trying to wear things that will satisfy my fall-craving AND still make it possible to go out and not melt off. Which means this silky top is perfect! It is incredibly light, and I love the way it falls on its own at the neckline, I feel it gives it such an easy and casual vibe. Since getting it, I wore it with this pair of pants too (which I LOVE) and these shoes, and felt like an actually boss babe. I also realized too late (aka when I sat down a few minutes ago) that it has a matching skirt, and I am so annoyed with myself I didn’t see it before because I would have LOVED to wear them paired together. But oh well. You can find a ton of other fall skirts by clicking right here (and please let me know which ones you like best because I need to add some to my closet this season)!

My hair was done by the lovely Marc Anthony ladies, and they used all kinds of goodness to make these curls hold. I am linking them all for you right here! 

PS: ignore the massive wrinkle on the top, clearly I spent the better part of my day sitting down working – and didn’t think of the consequences!

Photo credit: Mash Elle