Fall’s biggest trends: 1. cropped wide-leg denim

Full disclosure: I wore this outfit a few days ago when the weather ACTUALLY felt like Fall, because right now it is 28+ outside, I am in shorts and a tank top – and wishing I could just cool off in a pool somewhere. AKA not a layered outfit kind of day.

But, I figured it is the best time to share those pieces I am wearing since no one will think of getting them now – giving you a chance to snag them before they are gone… because we all know they will not last long. In fact, these exact jeans are already sold out, but not to worry I found two pairs almost exactly identical, here and here. But this just proves my point: hurry and get them before someone else does!
This cropped wide leg denim style is so popular right now – if you follow me on Facebook you probably saw I got these jeans and live in them – but so many women are afraid to try them since there is this misconception that they make you look shorter. Personally, I don’t think I look shorter in this type of jeans, actually quite the opposite! If you pair them with the right outfit, they will elongate your legs and make you look thinner – so please don’t wear T-strap shoes or flats, or anything that will hide your curves. Stick with heels that allow your leg to continue down to your feet (by that I mean no strap that “cut” your leg at your ankle), and wear a top that will still give you a waist. Meaning: wear something tight, or if baggy is more your vibe then tuck it in like I did!

PS: what would Fall be without a military jacket?! I’ve rounded up the best and most affordable ones (like mine under $100) right here:

Not related to this post, but I just wanted to say thank you for all the messages following my last Coffee Date post! You all warm my heart and make me so honoured to do what I do! Please keep sending me emails sharing your experiences, it makes it worth all the hours working and wondering if any one actually reads what I write. I am so grateful.



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