How to add voluminous waves to your everyday hair

A new beauty post! What what? I can’t remember the last time I thought of doing a beauty post for you all – ok this is a lie I think about it all the time, but between thinking it and actually DOING it, there’s a huge difference.

One of the things I hear the most from you guys is questions about how I style my hair. If you know me, you prob have seen I like to keep my makeup and hairstyle pretty simple and casual. I am not a big fan of spending hours in front of my mirror (I see my face enough in photos!) so I like to keep things easy and relatively fast – which is why I am a BIG believer in tools like this Eva NYC heated brush!
Basically, here’s how I do my hair when I don’t have a “reason” to do it (aka everyday).

1. I like to wash my hair at night and go to sleep with it wet – allowing it to air dry. I never (ever ever ever) use a hairdryer because I hate it. I hate the heat blowing in my face, I hate the noise, and since I have A LOT of hair it usually takes me a loooong time to get through it. Much easier to just let the towel on my pillow absorb the moisture while I sleep!

2. In the morning, I brush through it and apply a heat protecting spray, while letting the heated brush warm up.

3. I spend MAX 15 minutes rolling my hair around the heated brush starting with the back then making my way towards my face – and ending with the framing front pieces.

4. If need be, I’ll spray a bit of hairspray to keep everything from falling down too quickly. But my favorite thing to do it grab my dry shampoo and apply it throughout the day if I feel like my hair is flat and could use a boost.

Et voila! Now, I won’t mislead you and say that I love to use a curling wand to give actual curls to my hair when I need it – for example when I shoot for the blog, when I have an event, or when I go out for dinner. But on an every day basis, if I can avoid it trust me I will.

I’d love to know if you have any tricks to make it even easier/simpler to do your hair? Products you use that you love? 

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Photo credit: Mash Elle

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