Fall’s biggest trends: 2. the sweater dress

One of the things I love about Canada is that when fall gets here. I love being cozy and have those days when it is chilly in the morning, when you feel like drinking tea or apple cider at any given moment. Even though this year fall is fashionably late, I can’t hold myself and have already started wearing my sweater dress – which also comes in a sleeveless version if off-shoulder long-sleeve is still too hot where you are! I don’t wear stripes a lot, but these were so different and fun (and they hit all the right places to accentuate an hour-glass figure). 

Last year “sock boots” were huge, and it looks like things are pretty much the same this year too. So I decided I needed to get on the bandwagon and get myself a pair I could wear with anything and that were comfortable to walk in. These booties are under $40 and don’t squeeze your legs too tight (some shoes do, and leave you with a nasty line like when you wear your hair elastic on your wrist for too long!).

Oh, and my bag is a dupe for the SUPER EXPENSIVE Givenchy Antigona (over $2400) for about 98% less!!! I love mine and have worn it several times already – here and here for example.

Everything is linked at the end of the post including my metallic lipstick, with photos!

Photo credit: Mash Elle


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  • Ok do HD

    Adorable outfit! Love the colors of the dress and that hat is amazing!