Fall’s biggest trends: 3. the mom jeans

I wore this outfit to dinner with some girlfriends last week, and there are a few of things I wanted to mention about it before I break it down for you: first, I LOVE IT. I think this is the way I want to go this fall, easy and casual, big hair and a pop of fun (in my shoes or bags). Second, I bet none of you can tell how extremely HOT AND SWEATY I was. We’ve been having a heat wave this past week and the humidity is killer right now! And finally, my shoes (under $40 what!) just came in a few hours before I left the house, and I couldn’t resist wearing them – BUT get them half a size down. I spent the evening slightly sliding in them and that made me walk all wobbly (like if I had drunk a little too much)! 🙂

I’ve said it before, but high-waisted jeans are everything. Period. I don’t believe you if you are one of those people who say that they think low-waisted jeans are more flattering. I was watching a video of a huge Youtuber the other day where she was answering questions, one of them being “are you more high or low-waisted jeans?” and she said for the longest time she would have answer high but now she is all about the low rise! I beg your pardon? If this is the new trend, count me out.

These are my first pair of “mom-jeans” and I wasn’t sure what to think/expect when I ordered them online, but I figured if I never tried I’d never know. And in full honesty, I think I am in love. They are extremely comfortable (not that kind of stiff denim), I LOVE the way they hug curves – especially in the back – and are perfect paired with a bodysuit. Speaking of bodysuits, I haven’t featured a lot in my outfits but when I am home I am LIVING in them! This one has been a summer favorite (as you can tell here, here and here), and pretty sure this one will be on repeat too (love the neckline, very flattering on small-chested ladies!).

OH and before I forget, I already said this in my previous post and multiple times on Instagram, but grab this bag while it is in stock!!! It is a dupe for the $2400 Givenchy Antigona, and has been my favorite bag to grab when I am running out of the door!

Photo credit: Mash Elle

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  • Mayra Gutierrez

    Can you tell me the exact name of the jeans please???? Please please please!!