Faux leather skirt and combat boots

Sweater season is almost here (basically tomorrow, the temperature is dropping from the 30’s to the 10’s!) but I couldn’t resist wearing this pink sweater early. In the fall, layering is key and thin light sweaters like this are key. I am almost positive it was not intended for it to be tucked into a skirt, since it completely hides the fact that it opens in the back, but how pretty does it look with a slightly grungy look?!

I love combining feminine and edgy pieces together, and this skirt (found at Zara and not showing up on their website – sad face) was meant to come home with me. I’d been on the look out for a pretty FAUX leather skirt that flatters my body shape, you know what I mean? Not those straight super tight ones you can’t take a step in. I love love love the clip details and the fact that it is asymmetrical and wraps around, I may or may not (totally may) be planning on wearing it again on Friday… 🙂

I’ve been wanting to step a little more out of my comfort zone when it comes to styles I wear this season, and combat boots were high up on my list of things to wear. What I really like about these in particular is that they look tough, but have that softer edge with the shiny polish and deep berry color. Although now that I am paying a closer look, it doesn’t really show up in the photos – might have been the light at that time of the day! But trust me, they are berry and they are fabulous! Next on my list of things to try: a two-piece suit?