What to buy at the Shopbop Annual Sale

My outfit:

Michelle’s outfit:

It’s that time of the year when the annual Shopbop sale goes live, which means my credit card is burning and I feel like I will need a bigger place just to accommodate all my new purchases… As if converting the office into my permanent closet wasn’t enough already…

This gorgeous lady (which you are probably all following already, and if you’re not then take this as an official advice to get your butt to her blog asap) and I decided to show you our favorite pieces from the sale, like my jeans which I cannot recommend enough, or her leggings (which are super flattering and come in, like, 4 shades). 
If you’ve been coveting a pair of boots, bag, coat, dress,… it is now or never!! Basically, the more you buy the more you save: take 20% off your purchase of $500 or less, and 25% off your purchase of $500 or more!

I’m linking some of my favorite brands which are part of the sale at the end of the article, so if you need some inspiration on what to get you can just scroll down and get shopping right away!

Just a heads up that my shoes are part of the sale, and Michelle’s sweater and necklace are too! 🙂

Favorite shoe brands on sale:


Jeffrey Campbell

Rebecca Minkoff

Favorite clothing brands on sale:




Favorite bag brands on sale:

Tory Burch

ZAC Zac Posen

Rebecca Minkoff


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