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Top 5 fall coats

I thought I would quickly share with you my top 5 coats for the fall season – although I definitely could have made that list much longer considering my (…)

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Wear pink in the fall

Pink is hands down my favorite color to wear. If I had to count how many pink items I have in my closet, I’d have to admit probably a good too-many. Ok lies, there’s no such thing as too many (…)

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Unicorn makeup tutorial

Just over two weeks ’til Halloween you guys! I sure hope you got your costume all picked out and (almost) ready to go – but in case you don’t and are running out of ideas, I’m here to suggest one: the “I-fell-into-the-glitter-bucket” aka the unicorn costume! (…)

Last week, my friend Michelle and I got together and decided …

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5 tips on how to layer clothes

First time layering clothes this season 🙂
I honestly didn’t think this sweater (I got it in a size L because I wanted more of an oversized look) would match my blazer (on sale for 25% off today only) to this level of perfection, but I cannot get over how AMAZING they look together! I am a huge pink lover (probably the color in which I own (…)

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Fall’s biggest trend: 5. the maxi cardigan

You might remember this cardigan in pink I wore a few weeks ago (check here) – well clearly I liked it a little too much and got it in grey! Hashtag favorite-thing-to-live-in-when-it-gets-cold. 

I’m someone who gets cold really fast and take forever (…)