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Versatile camel coat

Camel coats should be considered a must-have. I don’t think I can come up with one person I know who this colour isn’t flattering on. It’s just one of those universal shades that brighten your face no matter what your skin tone or hair colour is, you feel me? (…)

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Fall’s biggest trends: 6. Mustard

Last week, I escaped for a couple of days to Calabogie and spent some time at the cottage, breathing in the fresh air and enjoying the beautiful fall colours. Most of the time I like to be where the action is (I am a city girl), but I have to admit it is nice to be able to just unplug and live without the constant buzzing of every day life. (…)

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Top 5 fall coats

I thought I would quickly share with you my top 5 coats for the fall season – although I definitely could have made that list much longer considering my (…)


Wear pink in the fall

Pink is hands down my favorite color to wear. If I had to count how many pink items I have in my closet, I’d have to admit probably a good too-many. Ok lies, there’s no such thing as too many (…)


Unicorn makeup tutorial

Just over two weeks ’til Halloween you guys! I sure hope you got your costume all picked out and (almost) ready to go – but in case you don’t and are running out of ideas, I’m here to suggest one: the “I-fell-into-the-glitter-bucket” aka the unicorn costume! (…)

Last week, my friend Michelle and I got together and decided …

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