Fall’s biggest trends: 4. the power suit

Oh boy, I don’t know about any fellow blogger out there, but I always have the hardest time writing a blog post. I write, delete, re-write, change every two words, and end up just stating what I am wearing – which is boring. I’ve been trying to get some inspiration from other blogs, but you guys it is hard to always come up with something creative to say! 

So here it is: instead of simply talking to you about this look, I’ll chat a bit about what it feels to work for yourself – and how it makes you feel like half the time you are a boss and the other half, a homeless person. Ok, I am definitely exaggerating on that last one, but trust me, the days where I don’t leave home I am dressed in sweats, my hair is hair in a bun (most often dirty), I’ve got no makeup, and am definitely wearing miss-matched socks. NOT the most glamorous side of being a fashion blogger!
The other half of the time, I look like a totally different person, with outfits put together and my camera-ready face on. It’s like night and day!

Personally I love the balance of both “lives”, the introvert quiet at home days and the extrovert boss-mode days out. I’m a big homebody kinda girl, so working from my office (or let’s be honest, recently I’ve spent a lot more time on the couch) is basically ideal, but I also love to get dressed up and head out and feel like I can conquer the world! There’s nothing like a good outfit day to make you feel like you are on top of it all, have it all figured out, and nothing can bring you down – and that is exactly what I felt wearing this suit!

Since I don’t work in an office, I wanted to make it work for my personal style. There’s obviously the regular way to wear a suit (with a nice blouse under and simple heels), but eh! Experimenting with clothes is so fun, and I couldn’t resist to try and make this suit young and fun – and sexy. Plus, I mean these shoes (found them in black here) are my spirit animal so I couldn’t resist! Kitten heels all the way for this girl, and mules are basically fancy slippers right?


Photo credit: Stacey White