Fall’s biggest trend: 5. the maxi cardigan

You might remember this cardigan in pink I wore a few weeks ago (check here) – well clearly I liked it a little too much and got it in grey! Hashtag favorite-thing-to-live-in-when-it-gets-cold. 

I’m someone who gets cold really fast and take forever to warm up, so I am always on the hunt for knit cardigans that are easy to throw over an outfit, but also make for the perfect layer to wrap myself with when I am home. This one checks all the boxes, with the perfect length, the pockets, and the fact that it is under $100! If you’re looking to splurge a little on a new cardi (or are looking for a different style), Shopbop always has the best selection!

Since we are still in a super confusing period of the year (it is legit freezing at night and in the morning, but gets really warm borderline hot in the afternoon), I like to mix and match the things I wear to be “safe” for the day (aka not sweating and not shivering). Skirt on the bottom, sweater on top – you feel me? I know soon enough I’ll be packing this leather mini for the rest of the year, so taking all the opportunities I get to wear it until then!

Photo credit: Stacey White