5 tips on how to layer clothes

First time layering clothes this season 🙂
I honestly didn’t think this sweater (I got it in a size L because I wanted more of an oversized look) would match my blazer (on sale for 25% off today only) to this level of perfection, but I cannot get over how AMAZING they look together!

Here are a few of my “rules of thumbs” when wanting to layer pieces:
1. If pairing loose layers on top like I did, stick to skinny bottoms.
2. Stick to thin layers. This sweater is so warm and comfortable, but the fabric is surprisingly thin – allowing me to put a blazer on top without looking bulky.
3. If you do feel like your layers make you look bigger, belt them! Adding a belt over everything will give you that waistline you’re looking for.
4. To roll up your sleeves without that extra-wrinkled/muscular biceps look, fold the under layer over the cuffs of your top layer, and then push it up. If that’s still too messy-looking, try folding the top layer first, then fold the under layer over it.
5. Don’t be afraid to mix the fabrics! Wether is be a knit sweater and leather trousers, different prints or shades, or even chambray and sequins. The best layering looks are always the unexpected ones!

You prob have seen these faux leather pants in SO MANY other posts, but they are a big staple in my closet and I love to style them with everything I can think of. They add a big of edginess to a look, and I find them so flattering and somehow feminine – I might have worn them yesterday for Thanksgiving dinner… poor decision on my side considering the amount of turkey and pie I gobbled down!

One of my favorite bloggers to follow (Lydia E. Millen – if you don’t know her you need to check her out because she is #goals!) always wears leather pants with booties that seem to be “attached” to the outfit, kind of like the pants and shoes are one. I loved how it looks, kind of Kim Kardashion version #1475639 vibes: simple, put together, and sophisticated. I’d say I am very pleased with how it looks, and considering it is getting colder by the minute it is always appreciated to be a bit less exposed! I am already dreading the cold months coming… in true Game of Thrones: winter is coming. Brrr.

Photo credit: Mash Elle


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