Unicorn makeup tutorial

Just over two weeks ’til Halloween you guys! I sure hope you got your costume all picked out and (almost) ready to go – but in case you don’t and are running out of ideas, I’m here to suggest one: the “I-fell-into-the-glitter-bucket” aka the unicorn costume!

Last week, my friend Michelle and I got together and decided to turn ourselves into unicorns, which also meant turning my apartment into a -beautiful- glitter mess. To this day I am still cleaning up tiny glitters and sparkles, and often find them stuck on my cat… clearly she doesn’t mind, so to be honest it is better glitter than dust. 🙂

Just recapping below how we transformed our bunny ears into unicorn horns, which felt like a throwback to the 90’s (I am a big child and always love to do crafts). Glue guns are seriously the coolest invention, I’ve been using mine non-stop recently and will be sharing a DIY tutorial next week that I’ve used it for – so excited! But let’s not jump the (glue) gun yet. Sorry, had to.
I basically kept my makeup simple (didn’t want this to take 5h!) and added highlights in the form of anything that shines! Sparkles, glitter, diamond stickers,… My unique tricks for this tutorial are: apply vaseline before on the spots you want to add glitter, so that it sticks, and apply the glitter in your hair standing in the bath tub. The amount that fell down when applying is just ridiculous! Pretty, but ridiculous!

Click on the photo below to see Michelle’s step by step tutorial on how to recreate her look!