Wear pink in the fall

Pink is hands down my favorite color to wear. If I had to count how many pink items I have in my closet, I’d have to admit probably a good too-many. Ok lies, there’s no such thing as too many pink items. It is so flattering (on any skin tone) and gives you those femininity and happy vibes – even when the skies are dark. I’ve been the proud owner of another pink coat for the past couple of years – you can see it here – and while I still love it, it doesn’t give me that feeling of excitement when I try it on anymore… so time for a new one!

Every year, Dynamite comes out with the best fall/winter coats. I have a HUGE thing for outerwear (Dynamite is tying for first spot with Zara), and end up getting way more coats than I can wear out. So this year I am going to try and hold myself back, and stick with classics. I say that now, but I actually already have a post ready for this weekend featuring my top coats for fall… HA. And no surprises here, this one is on the list!

As I type this I am sick in bed, dealing with dizziness and fever and pure exhaustion – in my pink robe! Ain’t nothing going to prevent me from trying to cheer myself up. 🙂

Photo credit: Stacey White



  • Briana

    This is the perfect color combo! I love the pink with the light denim!


  • Johny65

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