Fall’s biggest trends: 7. Satin dress

I’ll be honest: I wasn’t a fan of this dress when I saw it on a hanger. But something told me to put it on anyways, and what-do-you-know! I feel like this happens so many times, what’s the expression? “Don’t judge a book by its cover”? It could just as well say “Don’t judge a dress by its hanging shape” (although it doesn’t sound as good… I guess that’s why it doesn’t actually say that).

Something always scares me when I see satin clothes, I think it is just the fact that they only fit a certain body type. Or so I thought, apparently! I am not 6 feet tall and I have curvy hips with a smaller chest, so I’ve learned to live with the fact that some fabrics and shapes don’t work for me – which is totally fine! Hence the surprise when I actually put on this dress and loved it, it might have to do with the belt and the fact that you can give yourself an hourglass figure!

It’s gotten freezing here overnight, the high today was -4 with a windchill of -14 soooo bare skin is a no-no right now. Thank god for over-the-knee boots and the bit of warmth they bring! I’ve just gotten myself a new pair in a taupe shade (you can see I wore them here) and HIGHLY suggest them to you. I’ll be sharing more soon with different ways to style them, so stick around for that 🙂

Oh, and my bag is actually vegan leather and comes inside a bigger bag (I just decided to take out the crossbody this time around). So if you feel like you want to give a try to cruelty-free leather, know that this brand is great. I’ll be covering a lot more of this in the coming weeks.

Photo credit: Mash Elle



  • Julia

    This dress is so lovely. You look amazing, girly and your smile is just beautiful. Have a nice day.


  • Jean-Paul

    It’s beautiful !…. Very Nice !