The classic look of wide-leg trousers

Some things can be classified as timeless classics. Wide-leg trousers are one of them. Wether you wear them for work (perfect for a boss-babe look at the office), for play (hello date night with a flirty top), or just because you feel confident in them, wide-leg trousers should be a requirement in every girl’s wardrobe.

Years ago, flared jeans – I call them elephant paws – were popular, and they slightly came back in a couple of years back. I am personally not the biggest fan of them because I find denim to be more of a thicker fabric (aka if won’t flow with your movements when you walk), and frankly I don’t feel “powerful” in them if you know what I mean. Now, trousers are elegant and the way these fit is exactly what I was looking for! There’s just something about a pair of high-waisted trousers that can make a girl feel like she can conquer the world (or the day)!

These are from H&M, so you know I didn’t break the bank, but make me feel like I should have paid a lot more for them! Do you ever get that feeling that you’re somehow winning at life and getting something that looks like a million bucks when really you’re only spending $50?! If you don’t know what I am talking about, get yourself this pair of pants and you’ll understand.




  • Briana

    You are rocking these trousers! Such a great classic, clean look!


    • Marie

      Thanks girl! You’re always so sweet!