Cruelty-free week: work outfit

Hi friends, happy Monday!
I am so excited, because this week I am doing something different on here. A few weeks ago I asked you all on Instagram if you had anything special you’d like to see coming from me, and several asked if I could share cruelty-free/vegan content.
If you know me, I am a huge animal lover. I have had pets my entire life (growing up we’ve had dogs, cats, rabbits, hamsters, chickens, and even a pet rat!), I cannot not stop and befriend any cat I see, and I would spent every dollar I have to help rescue services. Just 2 days ago I was walking through the Westin Hotel here in Ottawa and saw they have their own adoption service – with an entire wall of photos of dogs that have been saved through their efforts!! Needless to say that was the best part of my day and I almost wanted to see if they would hire me just to keep the dogs company.
SO, every single post this week will be dedicated to cruelty-free fashion, beauty, and food. I’ll be posting a new article every day, sharing a few different outfits that are 100% animal friendly, an entire day’s meal plan 100% vegan, and my favorite hair and makeup products that are cruelty-free and have not been tested on furry friends.

Please understand this: I am not trying to convert you into veganism. I am not vegan, I am not even vegetarian (although I try to keep my meat consummation to a minimum). What I really hope can come out of this is understanding that animals deserve our respect and were not put on this planet to be our lab rats (no pun intended). I only want to show that it really isn’t difficult to gravitate towards products that have not harmed animals. I’ll be honest and say I was quite shocked when I realized how many things I own (especially in the makeup compartment) have been tested on animals. It broke my heart, and I decided that from now on I will always give priority to items that have the cruelty-free label on them – and trust me: there are a lot out there! In case you don’t know what to look for when shopping, find the little bunny ear logo (more on that later this week).

To get this new series started, I thought I would share a work-appropriate outfit made entirely of fabrics that do not contain animal fibers. Two of the hardest things to shop for when looking for vegan clothing are shoes and bags. Almost everything today is either made of suede or leather, which are both animal fabrics. Finding brands that support our furry friends can be a challenge, but there are some like Pixie Mood that will focus on faux-leather handbags like the one I am wearing. The fabric is incredibly soft, and you would never guess it isn’t real leather! Another great faux-leather brand is Matt & Nat. My shoes are also man-made suede and rubber, and seriously had me checking the box twice. They feel like any pair of suede shoes I own and definitely will make it through months of wear.

A little tip: when shopping I kept referring to this website to make sure the fabrics in the items I was buying were indeed vegan. I highly recommend keeping it open in your browser app if you are trying to be conscious of what you purchase, they have every fabric listed on there and make it so convenient and easy to check!
But in big letters, what you really need to remember is to stay away from these most popular ones: fur, leather, suede, cashmere, mohair, silk, wool, fleece, shearling, angora, and down.