Cruelty-free week: casual outfit

Hi everyone! Happy Wednesday! Today’s cruelty-free post is all about comfort and casual style – aka jeans and faux-leather.

If you didn’t know, denim is 100% vegan! YAY! I’m one of those people who relax in jeans (Michelle, I know you are not!), so it was only normal that my casual outfit would include my favorite pair – that I’ve worn probably them too much because there is now a hole in the back by the belt buckle but oh well. They’ve been on the blog a million times (here, here, and here for examples) and are long sold out but I have found a few similar-wash pairs.
My jaw almost hit the floor when I realized these booties were faux-leather and rubber! I mean, don’t they look like actual leather (they feel like that too)! I 100% thought they were when I got them… that’s to say how appearances can be misleading. Same thing for this jacket (which I’ve also worn to pieces here and here) and this bag. Just so you know, I’ve linked to a tote one (this one, same I wore on Monday’s post), and this crossbody one actually comes with it! Two bags for the price of one, both vegan leather: can you say win?

As a reminder, if you are looking for more furry-friend friendly keep this website open in your browser app on your phone 🙂 I can’t tell you the number of times I’ve used it in the past weeks!