Playing Santa: $250 shopping spree to Dynamite!

It’s day 3 of our week of giveaways, and today Michelle and I are partnering with 2 of our FAVORITES! I say two, because #1 we have our bestie Amira hosting with us, and #2 this is a Dynamite giveaway!! Favorite girls and favorite brand, what what!!

You all probably know by now that I have a slight obsession with Dynamite. I wear their clothes at least once a week (more like 3 times if we’re honest), and always LOVE when I hear back from you saying you love them just as much. So it made sense to ask them to do this with us, and they’ve agreed to offer a $250 shopping-spree gift card to our winner! 

Since I wear the brand so much, I decided to include a few more photos at the end of the article with items that are still in stock, to get you excited about the prize! I obviously “want it all“, but I have to say my personal favorite has to be the velvet-like burgundy bodysuit (I am kind of loving the black version too…). So chic!

You can enter at the end of the article, the more things you complete the more chances you get to win the gift card! And make sure to check Monday’s ($250 to Le Chateau) and Tuesday’s ($300 Nordstrom Beauty package) giveaways too! The prizes are to-die-for, and it is just getting better!


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  • Maryam

    I would like to see more “Heavy” winter outfits on the blog since Ottawa is super cold and gross at times with the snow and its hard to be fashionable and warm

  • Meghan

    Would love more on sales and copy cat looks

  • Julie Gamino

    More ethical/sustainable style!

  • Briana

    Sounds like a great giveaway, what darling looks you have on!


  • Katrina Villeneuve

    Would love to see more classy outfits from affordable stores

  • Catherine Gan

    I love Dynamite as well! I’m really loving the way you put their clothing together 💕

  • Kaitlin Johnson

    All I wear is Dynamite! Seeing what you wear and how you style it gives me major inso for my favourite store. You have definitely talked me into some purchases lol Love it all.

  • Kaitlin Johnson

    Oh and I would like to see some more personal posts like your coffee date ideas, or maybe hauls. One thing I love and haven’t seen in a while was your closet selfies, I think that is so cute and love seeing more of your outfits that way.

  • Samama Khan

    Love so so much this outfit!
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  • Dagmar Vena

    Would love to see more style options for items

  • Kassandra Roy


    I just discovered your social media platforms yesterday. I came across a mini profile on you for an article on “40 badass woman with badass jobs in Ottawa” or something along those lines. And as a fashion enthusiast I immediately went to check out your socials!

    I’ve only read your latest post so far on the dyna giveaway and have now been filling out all of the possible entries I can get (don’t have Twitter :P).

    I can’t wait to discover more on her and watch some YouTube tutorials 🙂 although I LOVE fashion, I equally love health and fitness so I’m also hoping to find a little bit of that on here! And if there isn’t any, I’d say that would be the content I’d like to see 🙂

    Happy holidays,


  • Marina Guirguis

    I definitely second Maryam’s post – I would love to more ‘heavy’ winter looks. I walk outside a lot and I struggle to find something fashionable that will also keep me warm!
    Also, I’d love to see multiple ways of styling one item – it’s very relatable to see how I can easily create multiple looks with a few key pieces. 🙂

  • Adrienne Pham

    I’d love to see haul posts!

  • Krista Dicks

    All of these looks are incredibly pulled together and you! Looking forward to capsule wardrobe ideas and packing tips in the new year. Local designers supported and more giveaways! It would be awesome if you took a few followers and helped them find their style.

  • Angie canizares

    J’adore les vêtements.

  • Kathryn Hill

    I would love to see more animal friendly and vegan content, I think it’s great. Thank you for the chance to win a Dynamite gift card, my closet is 95% Dynamite haha, honestly though 😊

  • maggie campis

    you girls have the cutest outfits!! such good style 💗

  • Allie | LunaVida

    I’d love to see more vegan fashion. I loved those posts you did!

  • Christina A.

    I would love to see eco-conscious products and fashion featured–it’s my goal to improve at using these items in 2018!

  • desaria

    I’d love to see something about finding awesome shopping deals

  • dezerie

    Casual outfits that still make youlook put together

  • Rebecca Roberts

    I love your cruelty free posts!!

  • Wanda Tracey

    I would love to see more make up and shoes on the blog.That would be awesome! 🙂

  • Belinda McNabb

    Business casual wear ideas for work

  • Donna Porter

    I would love to see more trendy items at even lower prices.

  • Laurie Nykaza

    I would love to see accessories and more clothing too