Playing Santa: $300 Marc Fisher giveaway!

Hi friends!!! Happy Thursday (and almost Friday)! I CANNOT believe we are less than 5 days from Christmas, I feel completely unready (not that I have any big plans this year, more like Christmas movies all day and a ton of food in my PJs – AKA the perfect day). 

Today is our last day of giveaways, and we saved up the best for last! Just like last year, Michelle and I partnered with Marc Fisher – our favorite shoe brand – to give one winner 2 pairs of shoes!! If you don’t know Marc Fisher (but you should, considering I wear them, well, all the time), they are designer shoes that are affordable and THE most comfortable shoes you’ll ever own. Not joking, I think I probably have around 7-8 pairs from there and cannot get over them. How many times have you seen these burgundy combat boots on my blog and social media?! The answer is: a lot.

We really wanted to end on a high note, and give you the possibility to win shoes valued at $300+, because we love you so much and want you (and your feet) to feel your best!
Thank you so much for following along and allowing us to do what we love!

PS: This might be it for the giveaways on the blog this holiday season, but make sure to follow on Instagram because there is a MASSIVE giveaway happening tomorrow (Friday) that you will not want to miss! Trust me on that.


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  • Julianne Gamino

    More shoes would be awesome!!!

  • Maryam Alshehab

    I love the burgundy shoes!!

  • Diandra Budd

    LOOOOVE the boots!

  • Chelsea

    Jewelry, skin products, and shoes!

  • Suzanne Giroux

    I would like to see handbags.

  • Anna Ho

    The boots are so nicee!! Beautiful photos as always!! 😍😍

  • Anna Ho

    I’d like to see more skincare product reviews. Your skin is amazing!! Let us know your secret!! Maybe some diet and exercise routines as well?

  • kayla goulet

    I would love to see jewelry in future giveaways 🙂

  • Kathryn Hill

    I would love to see the beauty products you like. I know you said you don’t wear a lot of makeup but your favourite skin care products and your few fave makeup products 😊

  • Kassandra Roy


    I’d like to see more dynamite giveaways seeing as how they have amazing items! Also perhaps beauty must-haves that you live by?

    P.s. Happy Holidays!


  • bn100


  • Allie | LunaVida

    Vegan products would be amazing!

  • Athena

    Gift cards or makeup

  • Christy Peeples DuBois

    I like so many things that I enjoy most any giveaway. Of course shoes and handbags are always in style and make great giveaways. So does makeup, hair care products, gift cards and PayPal cash. Thanks so much for this opportunity

  • Kyla H.

    I would love to see purses or clothes!

  • Christina A.

    I would definitely love to see all natural makeup products that work!

  • dezerie

    A chanelof Prada purse would be amazing

  • desaria

    A skincare, makeup,and hairtool/hair care giveaway would be great

  • Rebecca Roberts

    I’m currently obsessed with trying to get rid of my fine lines, so some skin care and anti aging reviews would be FAB!

  • Wanda Tracey

    I love shoes and boots.It would be fun to see more in the future.

  • Adrienne Pham

    I’d love to see more giftcards or handbags 🙂

  • Stacey Roberson

    I would love to see makeup or hair care items.