Winter’s biggest trends: 1. Pearls (+ which shoes did I wear?)

Continuing the series of “current season’s biggest trends” like I started in the fall, and this one is one of my favorite ever! Pearls on everything from hats to sweaters to shoes,… I WANT IT ALL.

A few days ago, I polled you guys on Instagram, asking you which pair of shoes I should wear with this dress. I was hesitating between low suede booties or tall leather boots – and judging by the results you were divided pretty much 50/50 between them too! Clearly didn’t help my decision, so I just went with my guts (and considered the fact that it is, after all, winter aka cold outside) and went with the tall ones. Don’t worry, mom, dad, the day I wore this outfit was one of the “warmer” days we had – not -30, more like -5. Which, if you live in Canada, you know is “basically” bikini weather. 

Pearls on sweaters like this one have been so popular, and I couldn’t wait to get my hands on this dress because a) it is thick and warm, and b) I find it to be so beautiful with the light snow we’ve been having! Almost makes it seem like I have pearls on my head too… Almost. 

The dress and both pairs of shoes are on sale and in stock in most sizes – which never happens! I recommend you take a smaller size than your usual in the dress because it does fit quite big and the sleeves are pretty long. And if pearl grey (no pun intended!!) isn’t your color, it comes in black and in tan too 🙂

I’d love to know which shoes you would have worn with the dress – let me know!