Winter sweater weather haul – YouTube video

Sharing for the first time one of my videos here on the blog!

About a month ago, I started my YouTube channel, because I wanted to find a new way to connect and let you know who I am (seems a lot more personal than any other social media platform!). I’ve been loving it, and am switching between videos of my daily life, and style videos – like this one!

In this new one, I am taking you in my closet and sharing with you some of my favorite sweaters for this time of year. All are affordable and all are still available to get for yourself, so yay! 

Please let me know what you think of it, and if you haven’t before please don’t forget to subscribe to my channel! 🙂

(click on the video below, or here)



  • Tara Lyonnais

    Hi Marie,

    I am really loving the pink and dark grey sweater coats from shein I am going on a girls weekend in Niagara on the lake soon and we are doing wine tasting and dinner out. I am going to buy one of these but can’t decide. Which one would you pick? I am also a small build 108 lbs, do you think I will find either of these coats to big or billowy? Love your blog.


  • Caitlin | Beauty & Colour

    Hauls are seriously one of my favorite types of videos to watch!

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