How to dress up for a night out in winter

Hi everyone! Welcome back! Today I wanted to share one of the looks I wore last week when going out – and my 4 tips for enjoying dressing up in winter 🙂

  1. Wear tights. I cannot stress this enough, but tights make a HUGE difference when the temperature gets cold. It is like having a second layer of skin (bonus point if they are thick and opaque). Extra tip: wear them underneath pants when it gets freezing! 
  2. Wear dark colors. Navy, black, dark brown, dark grey,… Not only are they flattering and slimming, they make your pale winter skin tone stand out – giving you a fake “sunkissed” look.
  3. Switch heels for booties. You’ve seen these booties on my blog more times than I can count, and that is because they keep my feet warm and dry! There is nothing worst than cold wet feet when you go out, because you know you’ll have to wait several hours before you can take your shoes off. Been there, done that. Not fun.
  4. Keep your hair down. I know most of us women like it that way anyways, but in winter not only is it pretty it is also practical! Basically an all-natural scarf that keeps the body heat slightly more than if your hair was, let’s say, in a tight bun (exposed neck in cold weather is not pleasant).

Other tips include: keep your body moisturized (hand lotion is my best friend right now), and oh you know… take a coat with you! If you need inspiration on pretty coats to wear in winter, check my YouTube videos because there are a ton on there. Maybe I should do a round up of my favorite coats on the blog? Let me know!

PS: Both the skirt and the blouse I am wearing are from Tobi. It is the second time I get clothes from there and am always SO pleased when they arrive. I’ll be sharing more soon!

PPS: If you are on the hunt for new outerwear and don’t want to wait for me to post about them, I recommend checking out Dynamite. I own a few from there every year (favorite one this year: this baby) and they are always right on point with the seasons (understand: warm and stylish). I’m also obsessed with their leather leggings – I’ve had a pair for years and they are so flattering! With the warmer days coming (hopefully in not too long now), faux leather leggings are a must!