Valentine’s Day inspired outfit that also works for a night out

Clearly I am a little late considering Valentine’s Day is tomorrow, but here is some inspiration in case you have similar items in your wardrobe! The great thing about items like this is that you can wear them any day of the year so even if it might be too short notice for V-Day, they would work perfectly for your next night out (I have worn these pants many times this summer: here and here for example).

You wouldn’t be able to tell by looking at these photos, but my beautiful silky top has a peplum waist, which allows me to wear it with different pairs of pants and give it a completely different look. Versatility is key when buying new clothes, and before deciding on an item I always try to think of at least two ways I could wear it. While it looks gorgeous with high-waisted pants like these, it would look just as nice with skinny jeans and some flats in spring.

Photo credits: Mash Elle