Camel coat + 10 ways to wear black trousers

Probably one of my favorite looks this month. I love how a long camel coat can take an simple outfit and make it sophisticated and lady-like, especially when you only wear blacks with it!
We’re at that point in the year when winter is overstaying its welcome, and I personally have no more inspiration for winter-appropriate outfits… so I just re-wear everything I have (ps: Le Chateau is making it super easy!). 


How pretty are the sleeves of this sweater?? I love when something so basic stands out with some added details like these bow-sleeves. It comes in several colors and I believe it just went on sale!


You’ve seen me wear this coat before, however I had kept the faux fur collar on (see it here) – and this time around I took it off. Bam, brand new coat (kind of)!
And these trousers… I have basically lived in since getting them! Scroll down to see what I mean……



Like I said above, I have lived in these trousers since getting them last year – and thought it would be a good idea to show you a bunch of other ways to style them! 

1. Casual looks:


2. Fancy looks:


3. Work looks:



Photo credits: Mash Elle