Winter’s biggest trends: Berets

Massive trend alert this season: berets. If you asked me last week, I would have said only one word: SCARY AF (ok, it’s more than one). I never, ever thought I would be loving them as much as I am right now. They are such a hit or miss kind of trends – and don’t get me wrong I am not trying to force anyone into wearing them if they won’t want to. But in my case, I saw so many women wearing them recently and couldn’t stop thinking about them… so I bought one (or 3)! 


Being from Europe, I feel it was my duty to at least attempt the trend. I’ll be honest: I did not like it when I tried it in the store – but I mean… unless your hair is done (and mine is almost never done when I go to the mall), putting it on right there and then can’t really do any justice to how it will actually look like, right? So I just decided to buy it and try it on at home when I am dressed up and ready to go out – and bam! One more beret-obsessed girl. 

PS: my booties are only $38 and so comfortable! They have a zipper to the side so you don’t always have to tie them all the way up (because who has enough time for that?!) I recommend sizing up; for example I am regularly a 7.5 and went with a 38 for these. 


Photo credits: Mash Elle