My favorite color combo for spring

With spring on its way (though we’ve been hit with 3 days of non-stop snow so right now everything is covered with a fresh white layer), I’ve been slowly transitioning my wardrobe and putting away my winter boots and coats.

This pair of gladiator sandals is definitely not new on my blog, I got them almost 2 years ago and they are STILL my favorite pair ever. In fact, this is the TENTH time I am posting about them!! Whoever said you can’t wear an item twice clearly didn’t know what they were talking about – or maybe it is just me? See what I mean by clicking on this post, this post, this post, and this post. And guess what: I still found them available in one place! Pretty sure they keep restocking them year after year because they are so popular – and extremely comfortable!

PS: find similar items throughout the article, and all the exact details at the bottom of the post! 🙂






These are my new favorite pair of pants – although I would recommend taking one size down.
I am wearing my regular size and think they are a big baggy (but nothing a good wash and hot drying cycle won’t fix I’m sure). 

I highly recommend them, they are very soft to the touch and extremely high-waisted (aka the most flattering fit)!


Pants: Dynamite (wearing size 25) // Top: Dynamite (wearing size XS)

Shoes: Marc Fisher (old, sold out) // Bag: Le Chateau

Jacket: Anthropologie (old, sold out)


Photo credits: Michelle Kehoe

My sizing info for reference when purchasing an item: 
Height: 5’6″ (or 167cm)
Regular pants size: 25
Regular top size: XS
Regular shoe size: 7.5 or 37