Purchase and sell luxury pre-loved items with MCouture

You know all these times you see me posting photos at cafes all around the city? Thinking “what can this girl be doing spending hours every week in coffee shops”? Well… I am shopping!

It’s no secret that women love fashion designers. I think if we all had the wallets that could allow us to shop designer items regularly, the world would be a better place. Or maybe (just maybe) I am exaggerating a little, but you see my point.

Unfortunately, I for one can’t afford to spend $$$ on brand new label clothes and accessories but I love to be on trend, so I’ve had to somehow find a way to satisfy my wishes without breaking the bank. And let me tell you, I found the solution. MCouture is game-changer and the best platform to purchase and sell second-hand luxury items! You know how they say Disney is the place where wishes come true? Think again, MCouture is where it is at for us shopaholics!

Bringing together the best of the best (or shall I say la creme de la creme) of preloved treasures, you can find anything from clothes to shoes to handbags and other accessories on the website – all at an amazing discount price!! Like, check out this beaut’ I have my eye on! But even better, you can not only find and buy beautiful gems, you can also sell your own. Keep your closet fresh and take part in the sustainable fashion movement by reselling your already-loved pieces to someone who can give them a second life! And this, ladies and gents, is what I call a win-win.

I decided to try out and list my first item for sale on the website just a few days ago, and cannot wait to be able to pack this beauty up and send it to its new owner! I’ve loved this Henri Bendel satchel bag from the moment I saw it and have given it all the love and attention one can give to a bag (that sounds weird), and think it is time for someone else to enjoy it and take it around the world with them. 🙂 See how I wore it in one of my blog posts below.

I’ll be adding a lot more pieces within the next couple of weeks, including a pair of booties I’ve worn a couple of years ago which is to this day one of the prettiest ones I’ve ever owned – so keep an eye out on the website. I’ve heard things sell incredibly quick, so don’t miss out!

Thank you MCouture for kindly sponsoring this post.

Photo credits: Mash Elle



  • Kimberly Y

    Hi Marie! I just found out about your blog from browsing IG and I’m hooked! I love your style and we both share the love for pink 🎀 I absolutely adore the pink blazer you’re wearing in this post! Is it still available in stores or online?

    • Marie

      Hi girl! Thank you so much for the love and support! That blazer is my favorite, it is from Zara but last summer and I only found it in Europe 🙁 But I am searching high and low to find something similar to link to in future posts because I want to wear it more often now that spring is here, so keep an eye open on those posts!!