My secret to zero panty lines!

Any of you ladies ever see your reflection in the mirror and get shocked when you realize the shape of your undies has been showing all day?! Or your bra is giving you that “back fat”? Because I have, and I hate it!

Today I’m partnering with the beautiful brand Chantelle to share with you my favorite lingerie pieces from their Soft Stretch collection. What makes them stand out? The fact that they are one-size-fits-all (which is pretty insane when you think of it), they stretch and hug all your curves to compliment your body, and they are completely invisible! 

• They are one-size-fits-all and stretch to hug your body:

I had a hard time believing the “one-size” thing when I first heard about it, considering they fit XS-XL! But when I put them on I was surprised to see that they do in fact hug my body like if they were made for my size only, so I decided to test their elasticity. I (obviously after having taken them off) stretched and pulled at them and they came right back to their original shaped! They give you the feeling of being completely supported without being squeezed in or without any loose fabric.

• They are invisible:

The moment I took them out of the package I knew I was going to be happy about their invisibility. They are SO light them almost slipped through my fingers! The material is extremely thin, it is as if you aren’t wearing anything. Goodbye panty lines!

My favorite piece has to be their Soft Stretch bodysuit. I personally hate when I can see the shape of my bra through a top, so having a bodysuit so thin you won’t feel it layered between my bra and my clothes gives me the confidence I need to know nothing will be showing and everything will be silky smooth!

The pieces range from panties and bras, to shapewear, bodysuits, swimwear, and many more, and come in several shades including nude and black – which we all know are staples in any woman’s closet! Plus a little bit of pink, of course.

Thank you Chantelle for kindly sponsoring this post. All opinions are my own!

PS: the photos were taken before any of the lingerie pieces were worn for health purposes.