My guide to Mother’s Day

Hi lovelies! It’s so good to be back here, writing a new post – one I have been “working on” for the past couple of weeks! And by “working on”, I mean my mom came to visit me and we got to do all these Mother’s Day things together to compile here on the blog for all of you. Rough work, right? 🙂

Let’s go back to the beginning quickly. If you don’t know or are new around here: I am originally from Belgium and live far from my family, so every year my mom makes time to come and see me and we get to spend some one-on-one time together right here in Canada. This year, she came right before Mother’s Day, and I thought it would be such a fun idea to spoil her (and me) and put together a bunch of things for us to do – and then write about them here for all of you in case you still need some inspiration on what to do to celebrate the moms in your life!

If you are curious about my story, I have a blog post where I talk about my past, my family, and why I chose to live the life I live today. Click here to read it 🙂

1. Take her to the spa.

It’s no secret I am obsessed with the Nordik Spa here in Gatineau, Quebec. I’m probably not able to count the number of times I’ve been on my two hands, and it was definitely number one on my list this year to take Mom to. She’s been before, but they have renovated the entire space and it is much (much much) bigger and nicer now! They treated us to the brand new Banya treatment, which was quite an experience… hum. Lemme tell you about it. You basically spend almost an entire hour in a sauna, and receive 4 treatments, one of which is called the “beating”. That’s right, they beat you (and not lightly) with tree branches, all over your body! It is supposed to help with blood circulations and other things that must have slipped my mind because I am still wide-eyed with the feeling of being hit with branches! Don’t worry, it doesn’t hurt (that much), and it such an incredible thing to do with your mom! Safe to say neither one of us is going to forget about this anytime soon.







2. Treat her to an afternoon high-tea experience.

Quite possibly the sweetest way to show your mom you love her (pun intended). I personally have a huge sweet tooth – wondering who I got that from – and thought my mom would enjoy a quiet afternoon high-tea experience at Ottawa’s best macaron shop Quelque Chose! Between the cotton candy and lavender sweets, the homemade scones, and the treats that still make my mouth water just thinking about it, it gave us the opportunity to make new memories and enjoy some much needed hours in a place with pink walls and French music. Not too shabby, and highly delicious.


3. Take her on a mother-daughter trip.

There’s nothing like a getaway to strengthen a mother-daughter relationship, and we got to spend a couple of days in beautiful Montreal! It was her first real time in the city (we drove through it several times without really stopping in the past), and stayed at the equally beautiful Auberge du Vieux Port, right in Old Port. To say the location was perfect is an understatement, we woke up every day to a view of the St Lawrence River (and the ferris wheel!), and got to walk to the restaurants and boutique within minutes of the hotel lobby. I cannot recommend the hotel enough, I believe it might be my new favorite in the city and was seriously bummed when we had to leave. Plus, the brick wall in the room made us feel we were home, and is now something I want in my future house!










A few things to do while in Montreal: 

Grab a salad at Mandy’s in the Vieux Port (they are quite massive so prepare to be full).
Visit the Gay Village (so colorful and happy).
Take a nap in the sun at the bottom of the ferris wheel (they also serve churros right beside it).
Shop til you drop on Ste Catherine street.
Visit the Biodome (impressive even from the outside).
Spend the day at Bota Bota (a spa on a boat).
Head over to Mont Royal for beautiful city views.


To all the moms out there, and mine in particular, happy Mother’s Day! I love you.