How to sleep like a princess

They say if you dream a thing more than once, it is sure to come true.”
– Sleeping Beauty, Walt Disney.

Not going to lie, dreaming in this bed is pretty much my favorite thing to do. If you know me, you know I love to sleep, and who doesn’t?! So clearly a good mattress is a must; and this one will get you to sleep 1000 years (or as long as it takes for your Prince Charming to come wake you up… or his majestic beast, aka Tink the Dragon, aka the cat). The kind of bed that makes you want to put on your sparkly crown and be a princess the moment you wake up. And if you don’t own a sparkly crown, don’t worry, your invisible crown works too!

I’ve slept on the same thin cheap mattress for 7 years, and while I never complained (I think), I cannot even begin to express how much better I sleep now that this mattress by Leesa has entered my life/bedroom! If I were to compare it to a hotel bed, it wouldn’t do it justice enough. The foam layers control cooling temperature, pressure relief, body contouring, and are perfect for sleeper of all sizes, and the cover is SO soft! 

Funny story: the mattress actually arrived while my mom was in town. We were out for the day, and the sweet delivery man brought it all the way to my front door (bless him). Keep in mind the box it comes in weight a total of almost 100 lbs! So we brought the mattress in the office where I was sleeping – my mom was sleeping in the bedroom – and I slept on it the rest of her stay, right there on the floor! I had been sleeping on a tiny foam mattress (you know, the spongy cheap ones that disintegrate when you pull at them), so the timing could NOT have been better.

About the brand:

** Leesa donates one mattress to a shelter in need every 10 mattresses they sell through their One-Ten program **

** Leesa plants a tree for every mattress they sell **

** You can try your new mattress for 100 nights risk-free **

** They offer free shipping **

** You can use the code “MARIESBAZAAR” for $100 OFF YOUR LEESA MATTRESS!! Click here to use it.**

PS: I totally bribed her with treats to get her to come on the mattress. She LOVES to sleep on it and I usually have to wrestle with her to do the bed in the morning, but is super camera shy so the moment she sees me try to take a photo of her she goes away running (and spies on me from afar)! Her little tongue, tho… heart eye emoji.

Thank you Leesa for kindly sponsoring this post. All opinions are my own.